Seek Easy Online Marketing Testimonials


Seek Easy Online Marketing is an Internet marketing firm that excels in providing excellent service to all clients that we accept.  We stay current in methods and strategy of having an online presence.  We have found success where others have fallen short.  While we do not guarantee specific rankings, we excel at delivering value to our clients and provide professional services backed up by our results.


Annie Pearce

Founder, CEO and Owner of

Seek Easy Online Marketing

After graduating with a marketing degree from UCF and getting my Masters in Internet Marketing from Full Sail I decided to begin Seek Easy Online Marketing. We specialize in helping businesses get Top Page 1 Rankings through our premier Search Engine Optimization services. We offer Social Media Management to help businesses engage and market their products and services to leads and customers. We build Brand Recognition online. We aid businesses in Reputation Management to re-build their brand online. We also offer website design for businesses who need or want to have an online presence. We understand the importance of staying on top of the latest trends and keep up with the changes in online marketing and to stay educated on what it takes to get top rankings. We also understand the importance of working within a budget, so we offer premier service at competitive prices.

On a personal note, besides being a CEO I am a wife and mother. I love to cook and eat. I am honestly not great at cooking so I am planning on going to the Culinary Institute in Orlando to get better at it.

We love to travel. Although we have been to a number of different places, we still have several places that we would like to go. We have always wanted to go to Israel. We are planning on going some time within this next year.

My husband and our children love eco tourism. We regularly go hiking. We enjoy kayaking and mountain biking. We go camping as the weather permits as well as hunting. Hunting was something that I was able to do with my dad and continue to enjoy with my husband. Which is also a good reason to take those cooking lessons!

I invite you to get to know my staff as well.


Jen – Social Media Management
Jen has a degree in Internet Marketing and specializes in social media management for businesses. She stays on top of the latest trends and searches to find the most popular content online for a number of industries.

On a personal note she is newly married. She and her husband like to antique shop together on the weekends, finding unique items to share with her friends and family.


Ben –SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization)
Ben has a degree in Internet Marketing as well as Business. He also has a Masters in writing as well. He believes that having the foundation of a business degree and understanding what it takes to make a business successful adds to his ability to obtain Top Ranked Page 1 Results for businesses that want implement search engine optimization to stay above their competition.

On a personal note, he says that he has a very competitive personality. He is single. He enjoys using his free time to run marathons and works out regularly. He also likes to compete in Tough Mudder Races, Obstacle Challenges and other physically challenging competitions.


Jane – Website Design
Jane has a degree in Graphic and Web Design. She has built numerous websites for individuals and businesses. She keeps up with the popular trends of what visitors would be attracted to while applying the ideas and needs of the individual or business.

On a personal note, Jane has a passion for animals. She currently has a Labrador named Sue (which is actually a boy, he was named after the Johnny Cash song “A Boy Named Sue”) and a Parrot named Polly, so that she can ask her if “Polly wants a cracker.” She works at various animal shelters in taking care of animals, as well as assisting in getting them adopted to loving homes.


Dan – Brand Recognition
Dan has a degree in Business and a Masters in Marketing. He builds brands for businesses online. When a lead or potential customer looks for your business online, you business shines.

On a personal note, Dan is a family man that enjoys tinkering on projects, his favorite being woodworking. He likes to play games, especially games that take strategy to win such as Chess, Risk and Monopoly. Although he gets an allergic reaction if he eats strawberries, his children say that he makes the best strawberry milkshakes around.



Leila – Reputation Management
Leila has a degree in Public Relations. She has helped numerous businesses find ways to bring positive aspects of their products and services to light, that highlights factors of what customers would look for in a company. She develops strategy that businesses can implement to bring customer satisfaction and gain positive reviews.

On a personal note, Leila’s favorite thing to do on the weekends is surf, body board, ski, swim, basically any sport that has to do with water. She became a lifeguard as a part time job in between her college classes. Her love for water sport began when her older sister saw her potential and signed her up to compete in surfing competition. Although she did not even get in the top 10, she had such fun that she now enjoys these activities as a regular activity with her friends.